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Formerly known as Weng Hing Trading and Construction Company, Prototech Sendirian Berhad has developed their business into concrete industry since 1992. As main factory located in Kelantan, and several concrete plants local at east coast Malaysia.
The company started at early 70s, and has worked on more than 500 projects, including transport service for highway project, equipment’s supply, and earthwork project for school. Their early business, (Weng Hing), included transportation services, commercial trading and construction material supply. In 1992, the company made their first move into concrete industry by having new batching plant for supply ready mix concrete to Ampang Point Shopping Complex. Cement brick products was introduced to the company late 1996, and interlocking paver and the other concrete product were second move into the industry. Their experiences in this industry was built them very good reputation and they were widely recognized by private sectors as well as the government project. Prototech never stops developing their products, in order to give customer various and good quality. Acquire management and action is their main philosophy.

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